Go Hard or Go Home!

Skim boarding is an art that if you don’t go hard you might as well go home! Success is only gained after falling time and time again. When I was about 13 years old I had a friend Rita who
gave me her brothers old skimboard. It wasn’t amazing, but to me it was everything. It was a 2008 carbon-fibber Zap board that was turquoise and white. The first time I rode it I fell in love and thought our life of riding waves together would last forever. But boy was I wrong!!!

I remember feeling “official” when I finally got to ride that baby in my home water of Santa Cruz at my favorite beach 26th Ave. I felt like one of those big shots that were really good and that I aspired to be. I felt that this new board somehow made me a better rider.
When I really wasn’t! I was so egger to ride when I got back to Santa Cruz that, I got my friend Karlee to go skim boarding with me even though it was only 62 degrees outside and just about to start raining. I didn’t care I just wanted to get that board into the water. I squeezed my wet on and dashed towards the waves. The beach was practically empty and the waves were all ours. The first splash was outrageously cold, but it didn’t faze me. I threw my board and hopped on as if I was a pro! The smoothness…the beauty…the waves. I fell even deeper in love with my new board. A few rides in and I felt invincible. My friend Karlee saw the smirk on my face and dared me to hit this huge wave that I would have never done before. But with my new found love of course I went hard and drove in! The crash was all a big blur honestly. All I remember is seeing my beautiful Zap board snapped in half. I went way to hard and when home broken hearted! Or should I say broken boarded…