A Healthy Diet For a Healthy Skim Sesh

Many people don’t realize the importance of a good healthy diet while skim boarding. Even if it is only a recreational hobby for some it is important that you keep your body well maintained and functioning healthy while you ride. It order to enjoy yourself while indulging in this sport it is very important you know that right food to put into your body. Here are a few suggestions from Surfertoday.com on what to eat while skimming.

What to eat and drink before skimming:

Breakfast cereal, reduced fat milk and fruit
Porridge, reduced fat milk, fruit juice
Toasted muffins or crumpets, honey/jam/syrup
Toast with honey/jam/marmalade/vegemite
Baked beans on toast
Low fat creamed rice, tinned fruit
Pasta topped with low fat tomato based sauce
Jacket potato, creamed corn
Low fat cereal bar/muesli bar/sports bar, banana
Roll or sandwich with banana and honey
Fresh fruit salad, low fat yoghurt or low fat dairy dessert
Smoothie with reduced fat milk, low fat yoghurt, any fruit
Soy smoothies with soy drink, blended fruit

What to eat and drink during a three-hour skimming session:

1/2 liter of sports drink
300 ml of cola drink
1 sports bar
1.5 cereal bars
1 sports gel
1.5 small or 1 large banana
45 g jelly babies or jelly beans
0.5 round jam sandwiches (thick sliced bread) and 1 tablespoon jam
Liquid meal supplement (2.5 scoops in water)

What to eat and drink after skimming:

Sports drinks
Fruit juice or soft drink
Banana sandwich fresh fruit, canned fruit
Sweet muffins Breakfast bar, muesli bar
Sports bar

Carbohydrate + protein focused:
Fruit smoothie (low-fat milk, banana, yoghurt)
Liquid meal supplement
Breakfast cereal, milk and fruit Sandwich or roll including meat/cheese/chicken in filling
Baked potato, baked beans, grated cheese


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