Hey fellow bloggers! Let me start by introducing myself and give you my back before I share my love of skimboarding with you! My name is Leah and I hale from the awesome beach town of SANTA CRUZ, California. If you’ve never been…GOOOOO NOW! I absolutely l12028943_1114256441925677_1683308728_nove my home town! Its not only because of the amazing weather, beautiful warm sandy beaches, chill down to earth locals, the unique culture and lifestyle and enough entertainment to last a lifetime. The reason I am in love with my town is truly because of the waves! I have been all the way up and down the coast of California and have never found better waves then in Santa Cruz. The way the beaches slope and the waves curl and crash over you with the ice cold green water is an experience you will never have
anywhere else. You will never find better waves then in Santa Cruz which is why I absolutely love where I come from!
When coming to Santa Cruz you have to know there are two kinds of locals! You are either a surfer or a skimboarder. Skimboarding and suffering are fairy similar sports, however most locals do one or the other. If you have never heard of skimboarding before, think of it as surfing just on the shore.  I grew up on my favorit beach off of 26th avenue watching the skimmers shred. I spent hours as a kid watching locals enjoy the the thrill of catching and trying on waves.

IMG_3210I was about 8 years old the first time I got the courage to jump on a skim board. My dad had pulled out an old wooden board with red flames on it and encouraged me to try it out. We went to Twin Lakes beach all day until I learned. My dad would throw the board for me and I would run and try to jump on a skimboard and of course busted my a$$! Yes you have to fall at least 100 times before you even learn to ride on a skimboard. But man is it worth it! This is where it all began! Once I got through the
pain of learning how to skim I became addicted to the sport. One my tenth birthday my dad got me my first skimboard which was a used carbon Zap skimboard and I thought it was the most beautiful board out there. Now that I look back at it, it really was nothing special, but it was everything to me. 

The experience I got from riding the waves made me feel connected and apart of my home town. As I got older I appreciated the sport for the skill and the courage it takes to be apart of the powerful ocean. Join me in discovering the beauty and wonderful experience of skimboarding!




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